Meebo 2.2

Your messaging and social media all in one app


  • Compatible with many services
  • User friendly
  • No Meebo account necessary


  • Does not support Twitter
  • Can't send or receive photos


Meebo is a chat client for Android that brings together the most popular chat services, from MSN and ICQ, to social site chat like MySpace and Facebook.

The first observation about Meebo is how easy it is to get going. Unlike eBuddy, no Meebo account is necessary to get going, which is great news as you'll already be busy inputting all your messaging accounts! From there, scrolling through your contacts and chatting is a breeze. They are organized logically, and the clean design means you won't accidentally start chatting with the wrong person.

Meebo may be easy to use, but it is a little basic. For example, with Windows Live contacts, Meebo doesn't show status, so you can see whether people are online, but not if they are busy. The supply of emoticons is also pretty low, and you can't send images when chatting.

Despite being a bit on the basic side, the usability and support for probably any messenger service you will want makes Meebo a sensible choice for dedicated instant message fans

User reviews about Meebo

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